Young-soo Park

Vice President, Senior Supervisor / Production Division

It is common knowledge that Mr. Park has made his mark on the visual effects community in Korea, having contributed to over 100 films, including The Shadowless Sword, The Duelist, Haeundae and Sector 7.  A proven expert in the field of VFX, Mr. Park oversees the technical direction of every project, often travelling from one location to another to ensure that the work is flowing smoothly and the quality of the production is meeting everyone’s highest expectations.  Using his keen ability to analyze and breakdown scripts, Mr. Park then becomes responsible for supervising every step in the VFX production process.  His most recent projects include Young Detective Dee: Rise of The Sea Dragon, Tiger Mountain, Last Knights, Journey to The West and Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings, Monstrum.  With Mr. Park on your project you can rest assured that you are getting the best that MOFAC has to offer.