Woo-hyung Kim

Vice President / Director

Woo-hyung Kim started his career as a cinematographer in the late 1990s. He participated in numbers of notable Korean films such as The President’s Last Bang, Late Autumn, The Front Line, Assassination, and 1987: When the Day Comes, and has swept Best Cinematography awards from leading festivals. Recently, he has been highly acknowledged around the globe as well after filming The Little Drummer Girl, the BBC adaptation of John Le Carre’s spy novel, with director Chan-wook Park, and won the Photography & Lighting: Fiction at the 21st British Academy Television Craft Awards.

Studied Cinematography at the London Film School, Woo-hyung Kim focuses on directors’ vision and realizes them perfectly on the screen. Being a messenger between the director and the audience with accurateness, he is one of the most beloved cinematographers in today’s film industry, an esteemed mentor to the younger generations, and a representative of Korean cinematography with his style.

Woo-hyung Kim is now working on the next project The Life of Our Lord, a 3D feature animation based on the book by Charles Dickens, with J (Seong Ho Jang). He is adding up the lights and cameras of next-level to MOFAC’s film and animation projects and upgrading the creativity in current projects.