J (Seong Ho Jang)


Long considered one of the top specialists in the Asian VFX market, J (Seong Ho Jang) has made contributions to multiple high-profile projects including; Joint Security Area, Haeundae, and Late Autumn.  His collaboration on the American Television series, Spartacus, earned him high praise for his work, which was said to be comparable to “the best in the field.”
Having established himself as a leading figure in the Korean VFX industry, J made the decision to start his own company, so in 1994 he founded MOFAC Creative Works, where he has overseen its steady growth from a startup to one of the top five VFX companies in Asia.
Teaming up with Chinese Director Tsui Hark, on the production of Detective Dee was only the beginning.  MOFAC now has over 200 feature films under it’s belt.  Having realized his ambition to start activities in Los Angeles and New York, MOFAC is directing it’s extensive resources into creating and producing original content.