Byung-gun Jung

Head of Production Department

Mr. Jung literally brings a world of experience to his role as Head of Production for MOFAC.  A highly respected animation/VFX Production expert, with an MFA in Computer Arts from The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, he has dedicated his talents to a multitude of projects around the globe, Santa Monica (Method Studio), New Zealand (WETA), Irvine (Blizzard), Burbank (Disney Feature Animation) and London (Double Negative) to name a handful.
From Avatar to Guardians of The Galaxy, from The Fast and The Furious to Thor: Dark World, Interstallar, Terminator: Genisys, SkyFall and Star Trek Beyond, Mr. Jung’s resume reads like a who’s-who of box office hits but he’s also known for his work on games, commercials and CG Animated features, notably; Rapunzel, Bolt and The Adventures of Tintin.
His talents in Lighting, Look Development and as a Texture Painter coupled with his planning and organizational skills has made Mr. Jung a highly prized addition to MOFACs world class team of talent.  Mr. Jung fills an all-important leadership role at MOFAC as it seeks to expand it’s proven business model, into new territories, in the US and around the world.