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Visual Effects

CG/VFX Concept Development and Animation Services
VFX has been the core business of MOFAC since it was first established in 1994. Since opening it’s doors twenty years ago, the company has completed VFX service work on over 200 feature films, TV series and commercials, establishing itself as one of the most creative and reliable studios in Asia. With a world class team of artists and animators, whose resumes include credits from Disney to ILM, on high profile projects like; Skyfall, Interstellar and Guardians of the Galaxy, MOFAC invites you to experience the MOFAC difference on your next project.

Animation Production

Original Content Development and Production
This division, established in 2015, was setup to develop and produce original animation content for worldwide distribution. MOFAC currently has seven series projects and one feature film in production and is dedicated to providing the same superior level of quality that people have come to expect from there awesome team of artists. Anything less isn’t good enough.

– Include anything that may be stylistically softer. Character development, high level sketch through to completed CG models, sets etc.


New Media Division

Imagining fantastic new worlds and creating characters to inhabit them has been the passionate pursuit of MOFAC Creative Works for over twenty years so it makes perfect sense for us to bring our Award Winning team of creatives and technology experts to the exciting business that is New Media Content.  From totally immersive Theme Park experiences to Multi-Media Installations in public places, from Virtual Reality to Integrated Reality, MOFAC has a proven track record of making the fantastic become real.  Our New Media Division fully expects to continue our tradition of delivering excellence, no matter the size or the location of the screens.

Art Center

Concept Design and Art Direction

Concept Art

The world class Concept Design artists at MOFAC understand the importance of being visionaries, of creating vibrant worlds, vehicles, costumes and the characters that populate them. Executing at the highest level of originality and authenticity is at the heart of our commitment to every project we undertake. Ensuring that the unique needs of every production delivers on our promise to be the best, from drawing board to final post, that is our promise.

Art Direction

Establishing a vision is only the beginning, executing on it to ensure that every detail meets the standards set by the director and the concept design team requires the keen eye of an Art Director. The scene by scene, often frame by frame scrutiny of our team of Art Directors is informed by a combined experience of overseeing over 300 feature films; live action and animation, television series, theme park design, commercials and new media productions.