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LOCATED in a modern six story building in the heart of Seoul with a staff of two hundred employees, and state of the art technology, MOFAC is a VFX CG animation studio dedicated to creative and technical excellence.
ESTABLISHED in 1994 by VFX artist Seong Ho Jang, more familiarly known as J, MOFAC has become one of the top five VFX facilities in Asia, providing services to a broad slate of feature film, Television and a myriad of other projects. Having an artist at the helm of the company ensures that every project will be given the highest level of creative scrutiny, guaranteeing that anything that leaves the studio with MOFACs name attached will meet the peak standards the industry demands.
BUILDING UPON their successes in Korea and the burgeoning Chinese Film market MOFAC has started US projects in Los Angeles California and New York City. With a growing slate of Feature Film, Series Television and Streaming Video in the development pipeline, MOFAC is ready to meet any challenge head on.
CREATIVE EXCELLENCE is the cornerstone upon which MOFAC has built its reputation and we look forward to unleashing our unlimited passion and world class talent on your next project.